WHERA's Objectives

1.     To safeguard the residential character of the area and to conserve its amenities.hartGrey

2.     To secure, as far as possible, the safety of its roads, unobstructed footpaths and litter-free environment.

3.     To liaise on these matters with the appropriate authorities and especially with our local councillors.

4.     To bring to the attention of WHERA members any proposed developments which might detract from the environmental quality of the area.

WHERA covers the following area:

There are 370+ houses in the estate and all residents are automatically considered to be members of WHERA.

The voluntary WHERA subscription is currently £3 per household for the year and is collected by Road Representatives when the annual Newsletter is delivered.

A few pages on this website such as those with names and addresses of the Committee and Road Representatives and the Association Accounts are only available to residents of the WHERA area. Otherwise no log on with password is needed.

Please read the Introduction accessed through the Main menu first for more information. If you wish to access any of the restricted pages please then go to the Log On/Off item on the Main menu and click on "Don`t have an account?" to register.

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Neighbourhood Watch

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Road Representatives

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