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As you may know, WHERA was formed to safeguard the residential character of the area and to conserve its amenities. The initial focus was on planning issues and led to the adoption of principles which guide our response to planning applications. The scope of our activities has extended to include the safety of our roads and footpaths and the security of residents by means of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. We also liaise with the appropriate authorities, and especially with our local councillors, to uphold the interests of the residents of our area.

 The current WHERA Committee members have served the Association for many years and, like many organisations, we’ve reached a point where we need some new people to help take things forward. Please take a look at the list of volunteering opportunities below and consider whether you could help share the load. None of these roles would take much of your time but the combination of more people each doing their bit will reduce the demands on others. If you’d like to help we’d be delighted to hear from you and every member of the Committee will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you while you’re learning the ropes.

 Without your help there is a risk that WHERA will be disbanded so, if you value the activities that WHERA carries out on behalf of residents and you’re willing to contribute a small amount of your time, please come along to meet members of the Committee at The White Hart on Thursday 6 September (details on next page) or visit the website or contact any member of the Committee for more information.



The Chairman serves for two years and is involved in all the activities of the association and represents the association within the Sevenoaks community.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman serves for two years and assists the Chairman and deputises for the Chairman as necessary.

Road Representatives

Road representatives provide local knowledge and spread the load of delivering newsletters and collecting annual subscriptions from their “patch” once a year. We currently need road representatives for part of Weald Road (1-33, 94-102) and part of Garth Road (1-25, 2-22).

Amenities Officer

The Amenities Officer monitors the maintenance of the roads, pavements and verges, street lighting, drains, refuse collection, leaf clearing and trees.

Speed Watch

Speed Watch volunteers monitor the speed of traffic using equipment supplied by SDC and report speeding vehicles to Kent Traffic Police.

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

The Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator promotes Neighbourhood Watch and liaises with the PCSO and West Kent Police Neighbourhood Watch liaison officer.


The Secretary arranges committee meetings and the AGM and prepares the agenda and the minutes of meetings.

Website Manager

The Website manager monitors the correct functioning of the website and helps Committee members to maintain their section of the website.

 Everyone in the roles outlined above will be invited to Committee meetings (usually four mid-week evenings in a year). Committee members also help prepare updates for the annual newsletter and the AGM which is held in November.


 As a reminder of the range of WHERA’s activities, here are some of the things that we’ve done recently:


SDC Residential Character Area Assessment – defining the character of our area to guide planners when considering planning applications

Planning applications – responding to applications that would adversely affect the character and visual amenity of our area

Tree survey – identifying the trees that are a feature of our area and need to be preserved

SDC Open Spaces Consultation – responding to SDC consultations about Sevenoaks Common and White Hart Beeches

Road salt – distributing 1.5 tonnes of road salt to residents to spread when needed

Speed Watch – running a Speed Watch scheme on Tonbridge Road and Weald Road

Traffic signs – obtaining new signs for Tonbridge Road

Litter bin – obtaining a new litter bin at the junction of The Rise and Tonbridge Road

Rights of Way –progressing a right of way on the pavement outside The White Hart

Leaf sweeping – reminding the SDC environmental team of their responsibilities to clear leaves

Neighbourhood Watch – erecting new signs at the entrances to our area

Cold calling – lobbying for changes to the law to restrict cold calling to daylight hours

402 Bus – supporting the campaign to keep the 402 bus service along Weald Road

Town Forum – representing WHERA’s interests at the Sevenoaks Town Forum





Thursday 6 September: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

You are invited to meet members of the Committee at the White Hart to discuss any aspect of volunteering for the roles outlined above.

As a small incentive, your first drink will be courtesy of WHERA.



We very much hope you will want to help us continue with the work we have been doing.

 Many thanks,

 Gerry Wood

Chairman, June 2012




     Officers of the Committee

     Gerry Wood (Chairman)        tel: 741 382

     Stuart Bird (Vice Chairman)   tel: 450 730

     Pat FitzGerald (Planning)      tel: 462 989

     David Lewis (Treasurer)         tel: 454 348

       David Wigg (Membership)         tel: 455 446


Website:   www.whera.org.uk


Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

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Road Representative

Road Representatives

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