The following principles have been adopted by WHERA to guide the Committee’s response to planning applications in respect of properties within the Estates.  It is hoped that they are self-explanatory.  Re-examination or revision may be required in future years in the light of experience.

WHERA’s objective is to maintain the character and visual amenity of the area within the agreed Local Plan.  Within the context of individual proposals, therefore, WHERA will generally support arguments against the following aspects of planning applications and will seek support from the planning authority for this view:

Ø  any main building other than a detached private residence;

Ø  doubling up of properties to increase the number of houses relative to existing plots (except in rare cases where a plot is of commensurate scale in relation to its neighbours and the buildings proposed);

Ø  three storey buildings (or building within a pitched roof if it adds significantly to the height and mass that results, relative to its neighbours);

Ø  infilling with extra properties by building on gardens from existing properties, especially extra properties behind the established line of buildings (whether or not the forward buildings are replaced)

Ø  extension forward of the generally established line of buildings unless of a minor nature or commensurate with the positioning of neighbouring properties and street scene;

Ø  excessive scale of the building and its appearance in relation to the size of plot;

Ø  failing to fit in with the broad character and size of neighbouring properties;

Ø  failing to provide sufficient off-street parking to preserve safety and amenity, or causing significant additional hazard to the flow of traffic taking into account bends, hills, sight-lines, road junctions, etc.

WHERA does not seek to impede the extension, improvement or replacement of buildings which support these principles and recognises the value of sympathetic and considerate renewal.

The following documents on the Sevenoaks District Council's website are also important references for planning guidance and should be consulted before making any planning application.

1. The first is a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which refers specifically to Residential Extensions;

2. The second, and most important for us, refers particularly to the White Hart Estates.

The main principle here is to maintain the "Formal Avenue" style of the area by avoiding substantial building in front of the established building line and this includes any attached or detached garages etc.

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